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How to make a good glass door freezer?

Nowadays, the upright glass door freezers are more widely used in supermarkets and CVS. They are preferred by supermarket owners because:

1. The upright glass door freezer has larger display surface than normal island freezer.It can bring more impulse sales.

2. The upright glass door freezer takes small retail space for installation, which is very important for CVS.

The upright glass door freezers are popular in the market, but it is not easy to produce the good quality one. How to make a good glass door freezer?

1. The freezer body must be one-time foamed with mould. The body insulation should be at least 60mm thick.

2. Well-balanced refrigeration system, making sure the freezer can still work properly in hot summer. Our glass door freezer is designed to work at highest ambient temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.

3. High-quality parts, like Secop compressor, Carel thermostat, EBM fan motors, LED light, stainless steel defrost heater, Anti-fog glass door and etc..

4. The most difficult part for glass door freezer is on the defrost system. And most of the problems for glass door freezer are caused by the bad defrost. Bad defrost system causes ice block inside the evaporator, and then the freezer temperature cannot go down and the compressor keeps running all the time, and then the compressor gets burnt, the evaporator fan motors get burnt. So how to make a good defrost system?

1)Scientific structure for evaporator, water tray and drain pipe. The defrost heater can melt all the ice accumulated on the evaporator, the water tray can collect all the melt ice and water, and all the water and ice can flow out of the freezer.

2) The defrost heater is powerful enough to create enough heat to melt all the ice in a certain time. And the defrost heater must be good-quality, like stainless steel heating tube.And the defrost heater is connected with protection fuse, which can protect its surface temperature will not go very high, which may damage the connection cables.

3) The water collection tray is with heating wires under its bottom. and the heating wires are still working during water-drip time (about 3 mins). In this way, the melt ice and water have enough time to flow out of the freezer.

4) The whole defrost system is controlled by Carel digital thermostat. It can accurately control the running of compressor, evaporator fan motors, defrost heater, heating wires with specific sequences.

5) Good-experiences on assembly of all these defrost parts.

Our MAXIMA, PRIMA and TRIMA are the plug-in glass door freezer specially designed for convenient shops and supermarkets. They covers 1/2/3 glass doors display freezers and with both bottom-mounted and top-mounted compressor models. They can meet almost all the needs and can be the ideal display freezer in CVS.


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